Tuesday, December 16, 2008

for buyers and sellers #2

for real estate agents #2

Ask Questions, Gain Closings

Using qualifying questions in your sales presentations is a sure-fire way to gain important information that will give you an edge with your customer. There are four types of questions that experienced sales professionals use to gain control and credibility with clients.

1. Confirmation Questions
These questions will help you clarify information you already know, and pinpoint any inaccuracies. It’s a good idea to start your presentation with this type of question in order to define your prospects’ position. For example:

"Do I understand correctly that you’re looking for….."

2. New Information Questions
These questions are designed to update information, and give more detail about decisions. They usually begin with who, what, when, where and how. Such as:

"When are you planning to relocate?"

3. Attitude Questions
The purpose of attitude questions is to identify the prospects' personal needs and values. Attitude questions can help you discover why your prospect is thinking of buying. For instance:

"How do you feel about….."

4. Commitment Questions
Commitment questions will tell you where you are in the sale. Although they do not guarantee a sale, they are the perfect opportunity to push for one. They will most likely show you what roadblocks you have to remove in order to close the deal. Here’s one that will guide your prospect toward a decision:

"Are you willing, with the information you have now, to move forward?

Questions are the perfect way to help the prospect uncover or reveal any real objections, without any pressure from the salesperson. Remember, people find it flattering to have someone genuinely listen to them. By asking the right questions and listening carefully, your prospects will tell you exactly how to make the sale!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

for real estate agents #1

Avoid   Making the Biggest Mistake

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: The Biggest Mistake Real Estate Agents Make And How You Can Avoid It
by Dr. Maya Bailey, Realty Times
"The market is so slow and I don't even know where my next sale is coming from." How often have you heard someone say that when business is down and the economy is questionable? It seems logical, doesn't it, to tighten your purse strings?
Read the Article -http://realtytimes.com/rtpages/20080701_bigmistake.htm

for buyers and sellers #1